Supporting The Freddie Pring Memorial Trust

Last Saturday I played at an event like no other I had played at before. It was a black tie special event hosted by The Freddie Pring Memorial Trust where they were raising money for the cause.

The special event took place at The Hobby Horse Minehead in their amazing ballroom. The ballroom had been transformed by unbelievable uplighting that transformed the ballroom. Although the event was emotional there was absolutely no doubt that the atmosphere was electric. Even-though there were 200 guests in the ballroom there was a certain family feel to the event.

When it came down to the music I don't think there was a single genre of music that I didn't play. I think it was a case of everything from Wiley to Wham and from Dave to Duran Duran.

The dance floor was packed all night and I even overrun by 30 minutes as the party atmosphere just wouldn't end!

I look forward to supporting The Freddie Pring Memorial Trust again in the future.

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