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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Summer means different things to different people. For most it means the holidays, time to relax and sunny days at the beach. However for people like me in the entertainment industry it's the busy season (or what I like to call 'The Wedding Season'). As a DJ, during the summer months I usually find myself travelling across Somerset and Devon to marquees, wedding venues and converted barns for some fantastic wedding days. What I love about playing at weddings is how different one is to another. Some bride and grooms want a more quiet and relaxed approach to their wedding whilst others want you to play the finest 90's dance until 6AM.

However this year things for the entertainment industry have taken an absolute unprecedented turn. With 2020 basically a write off many DJ, Events & Mobile Disco Hire companies are wondering if they will return in 2021. You maybe thinking that people like me are going to be able to start gigging sooner, with some even suggesting Christmas, but I'm not going to get my hopes up. You also have to remember the knock on effect to other industries, for example the catering industry. With all these celebrations, events and parties cancelled how are they meant to survive?

For now though I'm going to put this year aside and focus my attention on next year. Looking at my diary I can guarantee now that next year is going to be unbelievably busy for supplying DJ's, Entertainment and Mobile Disco Hire to Somerset, Devon and beyond. The reason for this is pretty simple - there's going to be double the amount of work next year. Imagine all the weddings alone that have had to postpone to next year combined with all the weddings that were already booked for 2021. To add to this, with everyone stuck inside for most of 2020 people are going to want to party in 2021. Yes I know that it's not going to be business as usual. There are going to be multiple layers of added social distancing measures but we will all learn to adapt. You maybe reading this as someone who works in the entertainment and events industry and although I can't tell what the future holds for events I can almost promise you are going to have an extremely busy 2021, so enjoy the quiet time while you can.

Similarly you maybe someone who's looking to book a DJ for 2021. I have a couple bits of advice for you. Firstly don't leave it until the last minute to book a DJ because you may struggle to find a Professional DJ that's available (as I mentioned before there's going to be double the amount of work for us). You can easily contact me directly regarding a booking for next year by filling out a contact form by clicking HERE - You can also call me directly on 07856094561. My second bit of advice for you concerns when your event is going to take place. Looking at my diary now it seems things are starting to look busy for next April, May, June, July, August and December. So if you're looking to have your wedding, birthday or celebration during those months don't leave it too late to book.

I fully recognise that it's been rough for everyone in every industry of work but 2021 will be the year where we can hopefully party once again!

My business also offers some brilliant extra services that could add some extra magic to your 2021 event including: Silent Disco Hire, UV GLOW Events, Karaoke Hire, Photo Booth Hire, Dance Floor Hire and Wedding Sign Hire.


"I recently had Ben as entertainment for my 21st party and I couldn't recommend him highly enough! He arrived early and listened to all my requirements, playing all the tracks I requested him to play, getting everyone on the dance floor and catering for all age groups. He also incorporated games and fun entertainment which my whole family interacted with and enjoyed. Thank you for a fantastic night, we will be sure to book Ben for all future events."   -Jaydn
"Great professional approach to DJing. One of the classiest guys and performers I know. Keeps everything 100% professional. From looks to performance & equipment. BP Sounds really knows how to but a classic twist on a modern party with that ‘new’ feel! 5/5 rating from me. Already been booked for my aunties wedding next year! Highly recommend for any modern classic party!"  -Quinton
"BP Sounds played at our wedding, and not only kept the dance floor full all night, he brought a fantastic atmosphere and made an amazing night! Since then all of my friends have used him as a brilliant night is guaranteed!! I have been to several events where BP sounds have played and he’s always such a professional, always provides a fantastic night! Highly recommended!!"  -Beth
"Ben played at our wedding and made our evening one to remember! He was fantastic, got the crowd going and played the right songs to keep people on the dance floor right through until 2am!!! Would recommend anytime! Thanks so much BP Sounds. You were ace!"  -Luke
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