Looking Forward To The Good Times

Ben Prescott - Manager at BP Sounds

There is no doubt that the last week has been rough for everyone in the entertainment industry, including myself. Due to the current situation in the UK most events have ended up being postponed to later dates. This week I've been working with clients and customers to reschedule weddings, birthdays, proms, corporate events and celebrations. I think however it is important to stress that most events have been 'postponed' and not 'cancelled'. These events will still go ahead and I look at that as a positive!

So what am I getting up to in this quiet period as a DJ? Well the focus has now gone to the parts of the business that the average customer doesn't notice including: Improvements on the website; Focus of SEO; Sorting out equipment and generally just keeping things fresh! As I said previously, it hasn't been easy for DJ's, Entertainers or anyone working in the gig economy but things can only get better.

The final thing I'm going to be doing is more market research and gathering more customer feedback. So if you have any ideas of how I could improve things in anyway and in any area just drop me a message and I will explore your ideas

I believe if you find yourself feeling down during this uncertain time just turn to the world of music. I guarantee it can change your mood in a flash!

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