January Blues No Longer

This week started with the launch of our brand new karaoke service. Personally I always have had a mixed opinion on karaoke but from experience, I now know that at the right event it goes down a storm and is a brilliant add on for a party where everyone is up for a good time!

The weekend of shows began on Friday at Williton Social Club for a 'Beat the January Blues' Party. A really nice atmosphere with happy vibes all around. The music requests throughout the night varied with suggestions of Wham, Drake and everything in between!

The party atmosphere continued on Saturday Night in the Somerset town of Watchet. It was a private party celebrating Zippy's 70th Birthday at The Royal British Legion Watchet. It seemed that most of the town had turned up as the venue was absolutely packed with 'party-goers' who were there for a good time. The music once again varied. The music playlist I created for Zippy's party was based around his requests. He wanted only feel-good party tunes with no 'rap rubbish'. I delivered exactly this and by the time I finished my set the dancefloor was still rammed! Below is a video from Saturday night!

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