After the government announcement regarding the opening of pubs, bars, social clubs etc I received a lot of calls and messages from people wanting to book a DJ for July. Thank you to everyone for getting in touch and it's great to see that everyone is ready to party once again.

Although pubs, bars and restaurants are now preparing to reopen new government guidelines state that Live Music/Entertainment is not permitted. It's a massive step in the right direction for the entertainment industry with venues reopening but these venues already have enough on their plate having to adapt to new rules and regulations for social distancing.

As I said before pubs and bars reopening is a massive step in the right direction for people like me that work in the entertainment industry but we aren't there quite yet. The safety of the public is the top priority.

For people wanting to book DJ & Entertainment services for their event, I would still advise looking at 2021.

Stay safe

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