Bringing the party to Wheddon Cross!

It was great to be back in Wheddon Cross on Saturday at Moorland Hall for a joint party for the Abraham family! Firstly we were celebrating Holly's 21st Birthday and it was also Ellie's leaving party as she is leaving to spend a year in Australia.

The atmosphere of the party really was great. Very lively, upbeat and everyone was there to only have a good time. The music that had been chosen for the event was very much 'feel good party tunes'. Instead of Drake, Kanye and J.Cole it was Wham, Abba and S Club 7 (I mean I'm not complaining).

In terms of the setup we used our new Alto TS13 sound system which offered amazing clarity for such a small unit. We also used an extra Alto TS12 Subwoofer which added a brilliant low end richness to the sound. Our light show for the evening was simple yet modern and effective with our 2 ADJ Starbursts mounted on our DJ Booth. We also supplied was bar lighting and bright uplighting which looked very effective.

Over the next couple of weeks I'm working on a brand new competition to help with marketing for BP Sounds and I am also going to be playing at more events through the rest of January.

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